Distracted driving

Distracted driving is not just texting and driving. Don’t let vlogging distract you while driving. Your safety and the safety of others comes first. – Inspired by Alex Rudick

7 Ways to Get Professional Quality Video from Your Smartphone

Smartphones with a great camera and the ability to record high definition video are no longer difficult to find they’re everywhere. Professional video content creators are finding that using their mobile phones to shoot video has several significant advantages: Mobile phones are ubiquitous, and we almost always have our phones with us. Quickly and spontaneously capturing … Read more

Why Audio is More Important Than Video Image Quality

Is it true that audio is more important than video in my production? In a word… YES! A video primarily has two significant elements: Picture (visual) and Sound (audio). While shooting a video it’s important to give significant attention to both the audio and visual aspects of your content because, believe it or not, the audio … Read more

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