About Us

About Us

At PowerDeWise, we believe that words can change lives, and even more, we believe words properly recorded and shared on social media can change the lives of millions.

We want to encourage video authors all over the world to improve lives with the power of their words. We always ask vloggers to share their videos that can make the world a little or much better.

They teach many useful topics like how to be happy, healthy, more beautiful, and enjoy life. They also show how to get useful things done, how to get more from spending less, how to have better relationships, how to save our planet wisely, how to plant trees, how to make better investment choices, how to live with zero waste, and how to produce green energy among other hot topics.

Vloggers motivate people to dance, do yoga, participate in sports & fitness, maintain a good diet, sleep better, enjoy sex, and have a positive effect on life. In addition, YouTubers create DIY videos like how to cook tasty dishes, how to renovate a house by yourself, and how to fix electrical appliances and gadgets.

Vloggers reveal how to LAUGH, LOVE, and LIVE a better life here and now. We strongly believe that educated and happy people don’t start wars, they mostly try to have a positive impact on others and a win-win approach to life. Educated people make their lives better and step by step, they make a world a better place.

People using PowerDeWise products make a huge impact and YOU HELP them to do it. So we Want to say THANK YOU sooo much for being a reliable PowerDeWise partner and

THANK YOU soooooo much for investing your time and energy in making the world a better place.

We do really really appreciate your assistance 🙂

All PowerDeWise team &
Vasyl Karakai, CEO

About Us


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