Are you a Teacher?

Here at PowerDeWise, we believe you have an important mission and can improve lives with your words. We respect your job so much! Today, students are active on social media including YouTube. To reach more students, you may need to educate through social media.

If you already started an educational vlog – we want to encourage you and send you a FREE PowerDeWise lapel microphone because your inspiring words need to be recorded clearly.   Just message us at support@powerdewise.com, with short information about you and a link to your channel.

If you haven’t started a YouTube channel – we want to tell you that vlogging and teaching through YouTube are not tough at all.
You almost have everything you need.
You have a smartphone.
You’ll need a tripod to stabilize your videos and a PowerDeWise lapel mic to record your words clearly.
Of course, you’ll need good topics and knowledge on how to attract students’ attention. (But that’s the same tasks you have every day in the classroom.)

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