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  • Wind & noise reduction

  • No battery needed

  • High sensitivity capsule with ultra sound quality

  • Works with: iOS, Android, DSLR, audio recorders, PC

  • 5100+ of 5 stars
    on Amazon
  • 1 year warranty on any issue
  • All mics tested by a Professional
    before shipment
  • 1 - 2 days delivery via
    Amazon prime

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    Our team

    We are a small team with a big mission - to help people who change the world for the better with their voice.

    Of course we are not creating something incredible, but it was our powerdewise lavalier microphones that gave a good start to over 5000+ budding bloggers.

    It's hard for us to believe that in 2 years, the powerdewise microphone was able to become #1 on Amazon in the lavalier microphone niche.

    This means that users trust us and are satisfied with the quality of our microphones. It fills us with the energy to keep doing what we are doing.