How to use Youtube studio on phone app version?

How to Edit YouTube Video on Smartphones the thought that YouTube would make a video editor, it’s just the best thing ever, in our YouTube channel PowerDeWise, we use this tool all the time its so convenient and makes it easy to upgrade the videos you have already uploaded and you won’t need to re-upload them again and again, this isn’t a new tool, but a lot of people don’t know about it, While YouTube’s online video editor is convenient for Mac, PCs and Chromebooks, it won’t work as well on your phone. Thankfully, the YouTube mobile app includes some options of its own. You can record video from inside the YouTube app, or upload something you have already recorded. Here’s how it works.  
  1. Open the YouTube app
  2. Tap the Camera icon in the top right-hand corner
  3. If prompted, allow YouTube access to your photos and videos
  4. Tap Record to start a new video, or choose from your existing videos at the bottom of the screen.
When you have chosen the video you need, you will see three options on the bottom of your screen that can be used to make edits to your video. They include:
  • Scissors: Trim the beginning or end of your video
  • Wand: Add a color filter to your video
  • Music note: Add a music track to your video. After you have selected a song, tap the sliders to the right of the song title to adjust the volume level of the music.
There are fewer options for editing your video on the mobile app, compared to the web version, but you can always log in to YouTube later on a Mac or PC to make some more edits if you need to. Use the trim tool to edit YouTube videos on mobile devices


To go with an online tool to edit your video isn’t the brightest of ideas, We recommend that you leave it for the final touches of any video you made and edited, for example, Trim the beginning or end of your video, or Add a color filter to your video, you can even add a music track to your video, or a live stream that went so well and you want to post it, it will be annoying to post a 3 hours video, where you know that you had a great 20-30 mins in the video, you can actually use this tool to trim the video and make it shorter for the audience to watch it, the other bright side about this one is that it isn’t that difficult to use, so simple that both kids and adults can use it, here in PowerDeWise we believe that vlogging can be made easy and brilliant, using YouTube video editing is going to make you worry less when it comes to video editing, if you forgot to something when already upload the video, there will always be that option to edit online, it is so powerful start using it.

Questions & Answers

Question: The only downside is that once your video is published, it doesn’t seem possible to make any significant edits, such as adding a forgotten scene or changing words in the narrative. Do you know of any workarounds to achieve post-publish edits? Answer: You are correct. YouTube does not allow for many post edits changes. The best you can do is remove the video and upload a new version. This is not ideal because it changes the URL, but that is about all they allow you to do.   That’s it for today’s article about questions related to lapel mics, it’s a starter live/budget savior where you don’t need to bother yourself about the risk of spending hundreds of dollars on a recording kit.   PowerDeWise is always happy to share/help/ and educate Creators around the world to take the wise step and start sharing their ideas, expertise, and lifestyle.   make sure to check our variety of lapel microphones on amazon stores free shipping for amazon prime and free Y-splitter that helps you connect 2 mics to one device.   Be happy and share happiness.

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