Influencers/Advanced vloggers

  1. If you do tech reviews and want a PowerDeWise sample for review – we’ll be happy to send you one.  Please send us the link to your YouTube channel and drop a short description of the channel, to
  2. If you already have an active Youtube channel and post videos consistently – from time to time you will need to provide extra value to your subscribers. We can help with that.
    We are willing to send you a dozen of our PowerDeWise mics. You could use them as giveaways or prizes for your viewers, motivating them to be more active, posting comments or providing likes to your videos. You decide.
    Please show us your YouTube channel with a description at
  3. We are open to discussing any of your ideas. Even if they are a little bit “crazy”, like having an interview with a lapel microphone clipped to your elbow. Recording like that… Why not?
    Of course, we’ll send you a couple of mics for trial.

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