PowerDeWise launches the “WordsCanChangeLives” program.

If your videos teach, motivate and get others to make the world a better place – please let us know.

We search for client’s videos teaching, motivating, and getting others to make the world a better place. If you record and share words that might improve the world – we want to know HERE www.facebook.com/groups/wordscanchangelives/


Maybe you teach on how to overcome depression, how to avoid cancer by eating right, how to make and keep life-time friends easily, or how to make your spouse happier; even if you teach how to plant trees – you are eligible for WordReward.

There are plenty of topics that can improve lives.


Please share your videos or channel with us as a post in this group www.facebook.com/groups/wordscanchangelives/


From our side:

  • We’ll try to promote your ideas if they align with our values, (for example, we understand that smoking marijuana makes some people happier, but we will not promote smoking as life-improvement).
    We’ll promote your video within this growing community. If your idea is vital – people will continue to share it. Together we can create and reach a huge audience.
  • We’ll send you a FREE PowerDeWise lapel mic so that your life-changing words would sound better. If you already have the PowerDeWise mic – you’ll be able to give it to someone like you. We want you to encourage positive people making positive changes.
  • if you have >10000 subscribers we’ll consider sending you a dozen PowerDeWise mics, so that you could provide extra value to your subscribers, as a gift to the best of them, motivation to the most active, or just encouragement. You decide.
  • The only thing we want – please motivate subscribers to use their words wisely and positively.
  • The Great Vloggers among several nominations will get “Limited Edition” PowerDeWise mic (not available for sale)
  • …In the future, we’ll give an annual WordReward to encourage the best among the great Vloggers that improve the world with his words.

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