YouTube Studio You Need 3 Equipments ONLY you already have 2 of them whats the missing tool?

Nowadays Starting a youtube channel is so easy and simple, you don’t need to worry about the expensive equipment, cuz the most important 2 things are already in your possession, the idea, and your smartphone, at the end of this article you’ll leave with an “ah-hah!”

Money. Or at least a lack of it.

budget youtube studio Should a lack of cash hold you back? Do you genuinely need a YouTube studio? And if you do, does it really need to cost as much as you think? We’re big fans of helping you share your words and stories here at PowerDeWise labs. So, let’s find out how you can set up a YouTube studio for very little money.

Do You Really Need A YouTube Studio?

worry about money Before carrying on, however, it’s time to take a good, hard look at the situation. Do you really need a YouTube studio? You should consider that lack of funds might scupper this plan. But what about a lack of space? After all, to build a YouTube studio, you need somewhere to put it. Without a spare room, nook, or space elsewhere, buying equipment for a YouTube studio seems somewhat pointless. Your YouTube channel is all about video game streaming or reviews, or even reactions, or relies on the slideshow format, with a simple voiceover or captions your YouTube studio already exists. It’s on your PC or tablet, in the form of a video editing app. You should be certain you need a studio, take time to some thought to it. Is it for vlogging or one of the other popular YouTube video types (you’ll find those at the end of the article) Are you planning to record a lot of videos? Would it be easier to film in a studio or to use other rooms in your house? The answer to this is probably “No”. Therefore, you only need a YouTube studio, you’ll need to consider hardware that is easy to set up. Additionally, give a thought to portability and storage.

The Equipment Every YouTube Studio Must Have!

Video tutorial

DIY youtube studio less than 100$

  If you’re still certain that you want to build a YouTube studio, you’ll need: YouTube Studio You Need 3 Equipments ONLY you already have 2 of them whats the missing tool?
  1. Camera “or phone camera”
  2. Tripod
  3. Microphone “external”
  4. Lighting
  5. Audio software
  6. Video editing software
  7. A usable background
Along with all of this, you’ll need a computer, but you probably know that already. While it’s possible to produce videos with a top-end iPad or Android tablet, a PC or Mac is more efficient. Let’s take a look at each element of the basic YouTube setup in turn.

Camera Of course to make the youtube videos

camera lens You have three camera choices for your YouTube setup and can even use two at the same time. You have a smartphone, then this is the option to use. Simply launch the camera app and start recording. Any smartphone available since 2015 should be suitable, regardless of the manufacturer. Cameras are a key selling point for most manufacturers, so quality and clarity are almost a given. The second option is to employ a DSLR in video mode. you already own a DSLR, then this is the best choice. You get the option to switch lenses and delivers better quality than a smartphone, although the difference is ever narrowing. Finally, if you’re streaming games, a webcam should be all you need. Use an external device, rather than built-in, however, as these are easier to the position. Make sure you know how to live stream on YouTube.

Tripod Makes your shots stable and not shaky shaky

Tripod for iphone Planning to use a smartphone? Various tripods are available for phones. Some DSLR tripods ship with smartphone adaptors. you can even make a DIY smartphone stand. For this sort of scenario, however, one of the “mount anywhere” tripods will do the trick. These feature bendy legs, enabling you to attach your smartphone to walls, doors, pipes, etc. We have made such a complete kit for video makers by combining all the things you need for your studio, from a microphone, tripod, and a dead cat to eliminate the outside noise if you are planning on shooting outside.

A Microphone Is a plus to your YouTube equipment kit

  Microphone for yourube studio when you hear a microphone you probably think about one like this, well don’t worry it doesn’t have to, for example, you can start with a lapel microphone, we talked about it a lot of times. And we are sure this thing is absolutely universal for beginners. Yes, and you don’t even need to prepare a room. Audio Quality is as important as Video quality. This is our niche now we work to make the quality talk for itself with the High quality and affordable price Microphone for podcasting, and the same goes for making YouTube videos. Your chosen mic should be used in conjunction with an audio recording tool on your PC. The audio can then be added to the video at the editing stage to make your video look and sound perfect. Different types of mic are available. You might use a USB desktop mic designed for podcasting or opt for a Lavalier-type mic with a tie clip. What you’re looking for, ultimately, is a microphone with good sound quality.

Lighting Your YouTube Video brightness

light for youtube studio your video is well-lit, it will look great. you necessarily need additional lighting. Large naturally lit spaces will do just as well. Find out if you need lighting by recording a test video and judging the outcome. If you determine that it looks a bit dark, then it is time to find a lighting solution. You can go with our powerdewise led video light that has color control it is also small and strong at the same time it can help you eliminate the dark shadows you want to remove from the shot. Here in PowerDeWise, we noticed that Lighting is one of the most expensive tools in the videomaking industry. PowerDeWise made a great LED VIDEO LIGHT where it can be mounted on a camera or the normal phone tripod to help you make content more easily and reach the quality you want.

You can read more about how important light is for your video 

Audio Software To Edit The Raw Shots Into a Professional Video

editing timeline for yourube video You’re going to need audio software in your YouTube studio. You’re running this project for as little money as possible, so the smart option will be Audacity, an open-source audio editor (alternatives to Audacity are available) for Windows, macOS, and Linux. We’ve looked at this application in depth over the years, and it is an excellent tool for so many different audio tasks. or you can use the video editor to edit your audio there as well.  

Video Editing Software For YouTubers

editing your youtube video at night So many different video editing tools are available at many different price points. Some are even free. See our list of the best video editing apps for YouTube if you need some ideas. Whichever option you choose, make sure it will export to a format that can be uploaded to YouTube. Better still, find a video editor that will upload directly!

Consider Some YouTube Studio Background Ideas

light for youtube studio Many YouTubers get the background wrong. It doesn’t need to be big, or ornate. You’re not building a TV news studio. But at the same time, the background—anything that can be seen behind you—needs to be tidy. If you live in a home with modern interior design, this can work well. If you don’t, then you might want to cheat somewhat. Two options are available here:
  1. A screen or wall with a relevant poster.
  2. A green screen. You can then find a suitable image to drop in as a background during the edit.
Stunning backgrounds are a great option for shooting your videos outdoors, incidentally. The viewer doesn’t even need to see the landscape in focus—they’ll just be aware that it is there.

Setting Up Your inexpensive YouTube Studio

With your equipment gathered, and perhaps a small amount of money spent, you’ll be ready to put your studio together. This is a key stage. Building a studio implies a certain amount of permanence, which means you’ll want to get the recording equipment lined up perfectly. Here’s a great YouTube video that shows much of what we’ve discussed here put into practice. To do this, take the time to test your lighting and camera positions, making sure that everything is recorded. On film and TV, these things are done using tape on the floor. If this works for you, try it. Otherwise, find other ways to keep records of equipment placement and optimum settings for volume, brightness, etc.

Start YouTubing Before You Build A Professional  Studio

For the vast majority of YouTubers, a studio is not needed. After all, with nothing more than a smartphone and an internet connection, you can upload your videos to YouTube from anywhere, any time. Perhaps you’ll need a studio one day. But don’t let the lack of a dedicated space for YouTubing stop you—start today! By the time you start thinking about needing a studio, you’ll know what you’re doing. good quote You’ve probably watched a lot of YouTube videos over the years. You will have seen plenty of ads, plus unboxing videos, makeup tutorials, music videos, and reaction videos. Amongst others. But what if you want to switch from merely watching YouTube videos to making YouTube videos? If you want to start a YouTube channel today, these are the most popular types of videos you can make.

Top Types Of YouTube Videos For Your Channel

  1. Unboxing videos
  2. Timelapse videos
  3. Video game walkthroughs
  4. Tutorials (on virtually any subject)
  5. Product reviews (e.g. hardware, makeup, etc.)
  6. Fan videos
  7. Reaction videos (people love watching others being thrilled/disappointed)
  8. Cute cats and dog videos
  9. Celebrity gossip
  10. The basic video blog (vlog)
Hopefully, we’ve helped you to make your mind on the studio Problem where most people get stuck and forget the first reason they wanted to start a YouTube channel and that makes them forget their main goal which is to start so start and make the content you want and remember every word you say is important cause “words can change lives”. Don’t forget to check our Amazon store for products that help you make it in the YouTube industry, you can also find us on social media we have a journal on feeding inspiration, ideas, news, and the trends on the internet.

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