Podcast lavalier microphone| The Untold Truth About The Budget Lapel Mic For podcast

If everyone is unfamiliar with the podcasting game, then everyone’s question is “What do I need to start podcasting?” Do you need a mixer? Is your computer microphone OK? Do you have to buy special headphones, or can you use the headphones that came with your phone? Search Google and you will get a shopping list, as long as you have arms. But the truth is, you only need four things to start podcasting… The basics to start podcasting.

The Podcast Cannot Live Without These Following Things:


microphone for podcasting You definitely need a microphone if you want to start a podcast.  In fact, you’ll need one for every voice on your show. You don’t need to start with an expensive professional microphone, you need a quality microphone that’s affordable for you, the idea of a lapel microphone for podcasting isn’t popular but it’s functional, you get to start executing your plans and upgrade your kit on the way like an RBG game ). The PowerDeWise microphone outs its price and improves your audio 10x better than built-in microphones, and 5x better than headphones with well-designed technology to match the demands of today’s audio quality. you don’t have to take our words for it Check our +7000 satisfied customers. Podcast lavalier microphone| The Untold Truth About The Budget Lapel Mic For podcast

Why you need an external mic?

Unfortunately, your computer’s inbuilt microphone isn’t going to cut it unless you want it to sound like you’re broadcasting from a toilet.  So, if you’re going to invest money anywhere microphone for recording podcasts is where to do it. It’s also a good idea to get a microphone podcast setup, which is a little foam sock that stops people ‘popping’ when they say words that start with a harsh consonant like ‘p’ or ‘b.’  These sounds can be really grating for your audience and fixing them in the edit can be a fiddly job.  So, it’s best if you can avoid them when you’re recording. If you are planning to invest in a good cheap microphone for podcasting you should check the PowerDewise Mics they have a great reputation for outstanding quality and amazing price. It’s just a recommendation to take.


Podcast lavalier microphone| The Untold Truth About The Budget Lapel Mic For podcast This is the next thing you need to start a podcast after mic for podcasting and it’s also one of the most important items in your podcast kit. There are so many sounds that can affect your recording or (heaven forbid) render your audio unusable.  Most of the time you won’t pick these up with your ears so it’s essential you’re wearing headphones.  You don’t need to buy expensive ones, in fact, when you’re starting out you can use the earbuds that come with your phone and upgrade later. It’s also a good idea, if you’re doing a show with guests, to pack a spare pair. Just make sure they’re the type that goes OVER your ears because no one wants to put some random person’s earwax in their earholes.

Why You should wear headphones when you are recording your podcast?

Wearing headphones while recording your podcast episode helps with the microphone technique you are using, also gives you full control over your voice whether you are too close to the mic, or you sound too muffled so you pull away from the microphone, or perhaps you are distant from the microphone so get closer to it. notice that both of these things can affect your episode quality and how it sounds. so later there won’t be any surprises. Also if you have a co-host who’s beaming in on Skype or the phone and you don’t wear headphones –  how will you hear them? Oh ok, I see. If you said “the computer speakers” then we need to talk… Listening to a person that you’re recording through computer speakers while your microphone is still recording will cause a horrible noise so be aware of it.

Audio Editing Software

Do you need to edit your Podcasts?

Podcast lavalier microphone| The Untold Truth About The Budget Lapel Mic For podcast Item number three on the list of things you need to start a podcast is somewhere to record and edit your audio and that’s where audio editing software comes in. The good news is, if you’re on a budget, you don’t need to pay for it because there’s a free program called Audacity that works just fine. While there are a lot of podcasters who still use this program after they’ve ‘gone pro’ I find it a bit clunky.  So my recommendation is Adobe Audition which you can purchase for a monthly fee. Ultimately your choice of audio software will come down to personal preference. But you want a program you find easy to navigate and that you enjoy working in.

A Podcast Host

When you’ve recorded your episode and exported it to MP3 the next thing you need if you want to start a podcast is somewhere to house your MP3s.  The place to do that is inside a podcast host. Podcast hosts are an essential part of getting your show into people’s ears because they’re the link between you and the podcast directories (this is where listeners find your show). There are a bunch of different ones out there so again it will come down to personal preference.

What are the most popular podcasting hosts?

Here are some of the more popular ones…
This is one of the longest-running and most trusted hosts.  I started out using them and never had a problem but I decided to upgrade to Whooshkaa because I preferred their tech and player design.  There are a lot of really successful podcasts that use this platform so if you go with them you’ll be in safe hands.
Another long-running host that a lot of podcasters recommend.  I’ve never used them but I know podcasters who have.
A popular host with a nice player design and a simple interface to navigate.  Unfortunately, their players currently don’t play natively on Facebook or Twitter which is a bit of a bummer.
This is the host I use for my personal shows.  They’ve got great tech and I love the design of their embedded player.  Their sharing capabilities are also much better as their players play natively on Facebook and Twitter which is something other platforms don’t do. You can also opt-in for them to put ads in your podcast which means you might also be able to make a little bit of money (it’ll probably be very small at the start). And those are the essential things you need to start a podcast. If you’re just starting out it’s ok to get the bare essentials and build up your kit as time goes on.  But if you just had these four things you could still create a professional sounding show that will stand the test of time. Don’t forget that you can check our store on amazon “PowerDewise” we have the perfect choice for you to start with, focusing only on the quality of the audio is important when the sound is heard the heart is touched, so yeah everyone has a story to share, don’t make us wait long for yours. PowerDeWise is here to guide you    

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