Partners (Influencers)

PowerDeWise is looking for partners: teachers, vloggers other influencers who believe that the world can be improved with their words recorded and shared.

We know there are so many to improve the world: tell how to plant a tree, build a house, improve relations with a spouse or bring back feeling of happiness.
We want to encourage people tell their stories, share their experience to make other’s life a little or much better.
Thankfully today this mission can be done easily with video recording and sharing it in socials.
Smartphones provide good enough quality, PowerDeWise lapel mic provides great sound for life-changing recordings.

Now we want to encourage sharing life-changing recordings!
We want to provide you with a free lapel microphone to help fulfilling your mission.

To apply for a free PowerDeWise lapel mic please fill the form:
Link to your previous videos:_____

Address:____(including zip code)

A little later PowerDeWise will introduce “Word Reward” program

We want to be close when you improve the world with videos where you speak,

We’d love to refu