General Question

Help, the microphone is not working, what should I do?

We encourage our customers to always first contact our customer support if anything goes wrong. Remember, it's not every time a device is not working that the device is defective. Sometimes, you could be doing something wrong as well even... Read More »

For what purposes is this microphone the best used?

If you want to know the main areas in which our lavalier microphone is best used, those will certainly be... Read More »

Is this microphone omnidirectional or unidirectional?

PowerDeWise only makes omnidirectional microphones for many reasons. First of all... Read More » 

With what devices is the lavalier microphone compatible?

We belive that a lavalier microphone should be universal. So we designed our lavalier microphone to be compatible with wide range of devices such as... Read More »

Can I use the audio extension cable for other purposes?

Sure! The audio extension cable can be used in different ways. For example, you can increase the length of your PC/laptop headset... Read More »

Is this lavalier microphone wired? Do I need batteries for it?

PowerDeWise appreciates the quality and reliability. That's why our lavalier microphones are wired and do not need batteries. Due to this, the quality of recording... Read More »

What is included in our lapel microphone package?

Package includes a 59'' cable lavalier microphone with velcro wrap, a 79'' audio extension cable... Read More »

Will the length of the lavalier microphone cable be enough when shooting with a selfie-stick?

The length of lapel microphone cable is 59''. According to our research, this length is optimal for most situations including using a selfie-stick. Customers... Read More »

How to handle a lavalier microphone in conditions of increased background noise

For such situations, our mic has excellent lavalier microphone windscreen (wind muff), which greatly reduces the influence of the wind and other sources of unwanted noise... Read More »

How to attach a lavalier microphone on your cloth correctly?

Our lavalier microphone has a durable stylish black metal clip... Read More »

How to remove and/or re-attach PowerDeWise lavalier microphone clip

To remove the clip, pull the microphone  and the clip, carefully, in opposite directions. To re-attach, gently push the neck of the microphone into the cusp of the clip, just like in the video below... Read More »

What is noise cancellation and how does it work?

A noise-canceling microphone is a microphone that is designed to filter ambient noise from the desired sound, which is especially useful in noisy environments. This technology ensures that the microphone is not equally sensitive to sounds from all directions.  This... Read More »

Can the lavalier microphone be used to make a phone call?

Smartphones' headphone jacks were designed for headphones, it's just like the name sounds. So, when you plug in anything other than a headphone, it sees it as sees as a microphone and a headphone at the same time. In other... Read More »

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