PowerDeWise Microphone: How to solve a smartphone buzzing sound in microphone

If you are experiencing a buzzing sound when you are using the microphone with your smartphone, relax, take a deep breath, then please note the following points:
  1. Restart Your Device
  2. An overloaded RAM or a slow and tired device could be giving out a high-pitched buzz. Restarting it will reset every function and start everything afresh. If what’s causing the sound is an aberration in the system, it should stop after restarting.
  3. Bad Connections
  4. Ensure that the microphone properly plugged into the microphone jack.  A loose connection between the microphone and the audio device, like an amp, speaker or computer, could cause a buzz or hum. Try tightening the connections to ensure that they fit securely. A secure, tight connection will not cause interference and you can achieve this by pushing every male end into the female until you hear a “click” sound. If there’s no proper contact between the mic and the device, the connection will not work properly.
  5. Microphone Distance and Positioning
  6. Holding the microphone too close to the sound source while using it may cause buzzing or distortion. Hold the microphone slightly away from your mouth while using it to reduce any buzzing or humming noises.  Place the subject where you want him positioned in the camera frame. Position the mic about six to eight inches from the subject’s mouth. A spot on the person’s chest usually works best. PowerDeWise Microphone: How to solve a smartphone buzzing sound in microphone
  7. Electrical Disruption
  8. Sometimes, other electrical devices near the audio system can cause a buzzing sound because the microphone picks up the electrical output. Keep the microphone clear from other electrical devices and move the microphone wire away from other wires to reduce the buzzing noise. Avoid charging your device while using it with the microphone.
  9. Dirty Microphone jack
  10. If the plug of the connected external microphone is dirty it could also produce a buzzing or crackling sound.  So, try using a cotton bud or cotton swab to carefully clean the mic/headphone jack of your device. Wipe the microphone connector with an alcohol swab to have all the dirt and grease away and test
  11. Try the Open Camera App
Some smartphones like the Google Pixel 2 require an app to work properly with an external microphone. Therefore, please download the Open Camera app by Mark Harman from Google Play Store, then follow the steps below
  1. Plug or connect the microphone into your device.
  2. Launch the App.
  3. Click the setting icon > Video Settings > Audio Source.
  4. Select “External mic (If Present).
  After these steps, try recording using the Open Camera app. If you are not sure if you have the right app, here’s a link to the Open Camera app on Google Play Store: PowerDeWise Microphone: How to solve a smartphone buzzing sound in microphone

Please feel free to skip any troubleshooting steps that you might have tried already.

Check Our youtube videos on how to properly connect the powerdewise lavalier microphone to your device

P.S: If you are experiencing static or crackling sounds, these steps can also help to eliminate such abnormal sounds.

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