How to use the PowerDeWise microphone with a Zoom H6

Be rest assured that all our Microphones work with the Zoom H6.

However, the Zoom H6 has a mono external microphone port, so the microphone needs to be plugged into the port using the TRRS to TRS (4 to 3 pin) adapter that comes with our microphone package.

P.S You must ensure that the microphone jack is properly plugged into the female end of the TRRS to TRS adapter by pushing the jack in all the way till you hear a “click” sound. If there’s no proper contact between the mic and adapter, the combo will not work.

Plug the mic+adapter combo into the MIC/LINE input jack on XY mic. That can be used to connect an external mic or line-level device.

Because the PowerDeWise Microphone is a Plug-In Power Microphone, you need to turn on the Plug-In Power setting for the MIC/LINE input jack on the XY mic

To turn on the Plug-In Power, follow the steps in the image below.

How to use the PowerDeWise microphone with a Zoom H6

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