Windows PC/Laptop built-in speaker stops working after connecting the microphone, what should I do?

If the built-in speaker of your Windows PC/Laptop stops working after connecting the microphone to your computer,  relax, take a deep breath, then please note the following points: 

  1. Install the Realtek HD Audio Manager: 

This free software will help you select what happens to the microphone when it’s connected through the headphone jack, like in the image below

Select “Mic In” like in the image then click on the “Ok” button. After doing this, the microphone should be able to work independently of the built-in microphone. If this doesn’t help, then the next point will be the answer. 

To download Realtek HD Audio Manager, follow the link below

Please and scan for Virus before installing. 

  1. Using a USB Soundcard:

Connecting the microphone through the USB port of your Windows PC/Laptop rather than the headphone port is another way of allowing the external microphone to function independently of the computers built-in speaker. 

However, the PowerDeWise microphone has a 3.5mm jack adapter, therefore, you’ll need a 3.5 mm headphone and Mic females to male TypeC USB male end USB Soundcard, which  allows you to connect the microphone to your device’s USB port.

We like helping out our customers from time to time. Therefore, if you want to get the USB Soundcard for free, please contact our customer support. 

To buy a USB Soundcard now, without having to wait for us to send it or to receive it faster than standard delivery speed, follow the link below:

Furthermore, the USB Soundcard like all USB Adapters has a 3.5mm TRS female microphone port so you’ll need to connect the microphone to the TRRS to TRS (4 to 3 Pin) Adapter. The male end of the TRRS to TRS (4 to 3 Pin) Adapter will be the end going into the USB Soundcard. In other words, the connection is PowerDeWise Lav Mic > TRRS to TRS (4 to 3 Pin) Adapter > USB Soundcard > Windows PC/laptop

If you need assistance or have concerns, please reach out to our customer support team via Email, Facebook, or WhatsApp, and we’ll attend to you ASAP.