The PowerDeWise Microphone with Windows PC/Laptop: Only Records through Left Channel Problem

If the PowerDeWise Microphone + TRRS to TRS (4 to 3 Pin) Adapter combo records through the left-channel only when using the microphone to your Windows PC/Laptop,  relax, take a deep breath, then please note the following points: 

Initially, the TRRS to TRS adapter included in our microphone packages is stereo in structure but mono in function. This was actually mentioned in the product description. 

We decided to combine all the 5 Volts into one channel rather than two channels because when we divided the voltage, the sound quality was bad coupled with very low sensitivity for Audio Recorders but when it was combined into one channel, it sounded much better with far better sound quality.

This was the reason we went with mono since the channel can be doubled with any media editing software that has the option. 

However, not a lot of customers were happy or okay with this, so we decided to make a TRRS to TRS stereo adapter that provides the same level of quality in both channels. 

This new TRRS to TRS stereo adapter is now included in our new packages. So, if the microphone PowerDeWise Microphone + TRRS to TRS (4 to 3 Pin) Adapter combo through the left channel only, that means you must have received an old package that’s still in stock. 

As a result, since you expected and wanted a TRRS to TRS Stereo Adapter, we would be glad to send one. 

To get your TRRS to TRS Stereo Adapter for free, please send us your Order ID. If your home address is different from what's on your Order ID information, please send us your complete home address as well to our customer support team via Facebook, WhatsApp, or  Email

Once these details have been received, we will send you the TRRS to TRS stereo adapter as soon as we can.

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