PowerDeWise Microphone is not working with my Audio Recorder, what should I do?

If the microphone is not working with your Audio Recorder  relax, take a deep breath, then please note the following points: 

Please note that Audio recorders have a Stereo (TRS) external microphone port, so the microphone needs to be plugged into the port using the TRRS to TRS (4 to 3 pin) mono adapter that comes with our microphone package. 

P.S: Ensure that the microphone jack is properly plugged into the female end of the TRRS to TRS adapter by pushing the jack in all the way till you hear a “click” sound. If there’s no proper contact between the mic and adapter, the combo will not work.  

Check images attached below to see what the adapter looks like and for a better understanding of what we are describing. 

Again, you don't need to purchase the adapter separately, it comes with the PowerDeWise Professional Lavalier Microphone package.  

The PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone is a Plug-In Power Microphone. So, for Audio Recorders that require a setting for the Plug-In Power (e.g. like the Zoom H4n Pro, Tascam Dr-40, and so on) the second step involves turning on the Plug-in Power setting.

If you don’t know how to turn on the Plug-In Power setting, provide us the name of your Audio Recorder and we’ll guide you. 

If the instructions above do not help, you need to ensure that the microphone itself is working. To do that, please try using the microphone with a smartphone (tell us the name of the smartphone in your response), following the steps below:

Please note that smartphones have a TRRS headphone jack, so you don't need to use the TRRS to TRS adapter in this case. 

  1. Ensure that the external microphone is properly plugged into the phone's headphone jack.
  2. Open the voice recording app and press record.
  3. Walk away from your smartphone, let the distance be the full length of the cable of the microphone 
  4. Speak into the microphone and tap 3 times.  
  5. Walk back to your phone and stop the recording.
  6. Unplug to listen to the recording. 
  7. If possible, send the recording to us (If it doesn’t work). 

Some smartphones like the Google Pixel series require an app to work properly with an external microphone. Therefore, please download the Open Camera app by Mark Harman from Google Play Store, then follow the steps below 

  1. Plug or connect the microphone into your device.
  2. Launch the App. 
  3. Click the setting icon > Video Settings > Audio Source.
  4. Select "External mic (If Present).

If you were redirected here from Facebook and none of the above steps help, simply select the “No, I need further assistance” for the next question “Problem solved?” indicating that you already tried the steps above and if the microphone works with your smartphone and the name of your smartphone. Please also mention the name and model of the Audio Recorder e.g. Tascam Dr-05, Olympus LS-10, Zoom H4n Pro, representative to attend to you ASAP. 

Not redirected from Facebook? If this doesn’t help, Just reach out to our customer support team via Email, Facebook, or WhatsApp, indicating that you already tried the suggested troubleshooting steps. Also, provide us with the name and model of the Audio Recorder e.g. Tascam Dr-05, Olympus LS-10, Zoom H4n Pro