Lavalier Microphone

Omnidirectional Mic with Easy Clip

Magic of moments


Type: Microphone
Cable length: 100cm / 3.28ft
Sensitivity: -46±2dB
Directivity: Unidirectional
Operation Voltage: DC1.0V - 10V
Current Consumption: < 0.5mA
Signal to Noise Ratio:≥ 56dB
Frequency Range: 50-16,000Hz
Package weight: 18g / 0.63oz

Some moments
in your life
can’t be repeated.
But can be recorded!

Your indespensable tool

PowerDeWise microphone every day


Fully plug the microphone
into your iPhone
or another device

Start recording
on the phone
or shooting video

In order to listen to your recording,
unplug the microphone
from your phone

Enjoy high-quality
audio recording

Our customers

  • George
    Comes with a great lil well made pouch which is a great way to carry these. Also a wrap to fold them nice and tight to avoid tangle. The claw portion that clips to your shirt will not be coming off of your shirt it holds tight! The microphone absolutely improves the quality of your voice in video. I will update after a month of use but first impressions are great!
  • Jesse Heindl
    Delivered promptly, using it for various things. Extension cable is proving very useful.
    Muffin Group
    Great Microphone, works great with my iphone 7 we're thinking in buying another one.
  • Simi
    Muffin Group
    I do a lot of vlogs outside and my communication breaks down between wind and background noise. My videos are much more professional with this mic and i'm able to hear myself more clearly with no interruption. If you are a vlogger like me you'll enjoy this mic! Or if you simply want to practice recording speeches for class this mic is fantastic!

changes your conception
of audio recordings Бесплатный конструктор сайтов.