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general instructions


Usually, all you need to do in order to start using your PowerDeWise lapel microphone is plugging it into your device.

It is absolutely compatible with iPhone, iPod, even MacBook Air and Windows smartphones. Moreover, in most cases it works perfectly with Android devices. However, there were cases when smartphone’s built-in video editor did not recognize an external microphone and only saw its built-in one.
Please try pugging it into your device and in case the video editor DOES NOT SEE IT, PLEASE PROCEED TO THE FOLLOWING THESE EASY STEPS on Google Play (or Play store)
Now use an Open Camera to create video interviews.


If there is an issue with the microphone, there are corrective steps you can take: Please be sure that you FULLY plugged in the microphone jack. Check that there is no protective case that prevents the full insertion of the microphone jack. Start to record a video using the microphone. UNPLUG the microphone after recording and listen to the results. Sometimes Android devices do not recognize an external microphone. In this case, follow the easy to understand directions in this link: Check how your device works with or without an adapter (in some cases they are needed). To ensure the problem is not with your device, please try the microphone with another device (your friend's iPhone, for instance). If the microphone does not work with your friend's iPhone, please send me another message. I will immediately send you a replacement microphone as it may have a manufacturer's defect. It happens in 0,5% of cases. And we apologize for any inconvenience.
Here's a hint that worked for me. When you plug the microphone lead into the extension cable, make sure you push it in hard all the way. You must push it together hard until it is completed seated. I think they have made it an extra tight fit so it doesn't accidently unplug when you are moving the mic or camera around. I just leave the mic lead plugged into the extension cable when I store it now.
There are chances that the microphone will work with the adapter :
trrs to trs 4 pin to 3 pin adapter to PC, camera, voice recorder. Most of chances you will need an active microphone for your camera as the mic is mostly designed for iPhone/iPad/smartphone
The mic is designed for iPhone/iPad/smartphone.
I recommend you using USB sound adapter.
You also need to use 4pin to 3 Pin adapter for mic (inlcuded).
You need Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter (it is inside your iPhone box).
Yes, you can use 1 mic to record 2 people but better try using 2mics and Y-connector


Try not to use a digital zoom, as it reduces the quality of your video.

parallax background

Make sure to tape your videos in a sunny weather and with proper light! :)

Make sure to make horizontal videos whenever possible, as vertical ones are considered to be not «Comme il faut». If you need to make a vertical video, do not rotate your camera till its end.

Here is list of apps you might find useful for editing your videos right on your iPhone or any other smartphone:

iMovie – an excellent app for amateur video editing
FilmicPro – №1 application for iOS users that need more features and user-friendly interface
Action Movie – a perfect app for those of you who love special effect
Movie 360 – an easy to use application with Instagram-style video effects
Framographer – an app for Time-lapse video shooting
8mm – an app that will help you shoot a video with 8mm camera effect
Horizon – another app that helps you taping horizontal videos even if you hold a camera vertically

In case you want to edit your videos on your PC or MAC, check out applications like Final Cut, Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas.

ALSO YOU MAY WANT Бесплатный конструктор сайтов.